I love being an entrepreneur because it allows for me to be creative and in contol of my life. I love LWL
because I have met so many amazing women in a really short amount of time. lt is so nice to feel supported
and encouraged. <3

Natalie Boll

Owner of Bauhaus Restaurant, LWL Member

One of the highlights of moving to Vancouver has been being a part of
Maria Kritikos’ #LWLNetwork. lt’s a concrete platform that allows you to
shine as an entrepreneur and as a group wilh the malny global wonder
women. Each as accomplished as the other and creating inspiring waves for
all womaln. Amazing to be a member of t’his fantastic group! We hope there’s
an event comíng near your city soon, meanwhile you can connect with the
online community here.

Swarnima Nath

Jewelry Designer, LWL Member

All female entrepreneurs must be part of Ladies Who Lunch Network!!! Maria Kritikos is an amazing
business coach and friend, and I’m so glad I finally got in to be mentored by her on turning my ideas into
reality. I’ve met so many gifted, inspirational women in the network too!

Charise Brunner

LWL Member

LWL Annual Summer Patio Party

Ladies! lf you want true female empowerment, I encourage you to join LWL!  Maria Kritikos is the real deal
having worked with her in a mastermind group as well as a one on one mini mastermind phone call which
helped me get over a business block I had been stuck on!

Jessica Smith

Photographer, LWL Member

I have had a great year and do thank Ladies who Lunch for
support and motivation!  I would like to leave you with my advice for women starting
out in their own business, Believe in yourself.   You’ve got this! Stay busy
everyday with projects that bring you closer to your dream! Surround yourself
with like minded people!  Join Ladies Who Lunch!!!! It was the first step l took
on this fabulous journey!!!

Shelagh Seadon

Working The Room, LWL Member

 l’ve just connected with LWL 3 weeks ago and your network gave me so much
energy, motivation, words of wisdom and encouragement.  I think the Law of
Attraction is working. Thank YOU so much!!!!!

Marvice Maclean

Owner of Lumiere Spa, LWL Member

Living my dreams has already started thanks to LWL network. Even if you only sign up to the weekly newsletters with inspirational voice recording for support and guidance, it is really powerful.
Mikki Jones

LWL Member

Secret to Success Fall Luncheon

Maria – all charm, dignity, beauty and fun rolled into one power-pack! Thank you for LWL!

Lori LaChance King, LWL member & Founder of Always on Top Hat Design

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