Kristina Matisic

Kristina Matisic Creative

Kristina Matisic is an award-winning TV host and journalist with over 20 years experience both in front of and behind the camera. She is one of the executive producers and co-hosts of the long-standing W Network series “The Shopping Bags” and “Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag,” the latter which can be seen in over 65 countries. In addition to being a blogger for the popular site,, Kristina is also a magazine writer, a published author and now works as a media and public relations consultant at Kristina Matisic Creative.

Casar Jacobson
Simple Reminders
Cäsar Jacobson has cultivated the ambition, from a very young age, to inspire a new generation of women, internationally and cross-culturally, to excel at intellectual, academic, community, scientific, cultural and charitable pursuits regardless of the circumstances of their birth.  She embodies the essence of feminine beauty, a demanding intellectual and academic rigor, a sense of community and an adventurous and spontaneous spirit that knows no borders.  She does this all through writing, and public speaking endeavours.
Recognized as a cultural ambassador of exceptional poise and accomplishment on an international scale.
Joanna Kritikos

Inspiration Mecca

Joanna works as a realtor, freelance writer, and holds a degree in English Literature, French and Spanish from the University of British Columbia. She is the founder of Inspiration Mecca and is most passionate about writing, travelling, and all things creative. An incurable inspiration lover, decor fanatic, and yoga enthusiast, one of her personal goals is to help people realize and harness the power of taking action to initiate big changes, bringing them closer to all the things they want in life.

Heather Prestanski
Heather Prestanski Coaching

Heather is a serial entrepreneur with businesses in Coaching, Digital Marketing, and is soon to be a published Author.  After raging success in the corporate world, promotion after promotion, Heather upped and quit one day to take the risk of making it as an entrepreneur.  She has built successful businesses in Interior Design, Clothing Design Manufacturing & Wholesaling, Digital Marketing, and Coaching.  As your coach she aims to be the one that challenges you.  She strives to be the only one in your life who won’t believe your stories and will lead you to focus on the longer-term goals.  She will tell you how it is and won’t let your fears, overwhelm, or forward-drive hold you back.  She’ll do all this while being your biggest cheerleader and coming from a place of vulnerability and trust.

Natalie Boll

Bauhaus Restaurant

Propriétaire of Vancouver’s new Bauhaus Restaurant, Natalie Boll’s past career included over 15 years of production experience as a Producer, Writer and Production Manager. After graduating from both the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and Capilano University’s Film Studies program, she embarked on a number of Canadian and international projects spanning music videos, documentaries, dramatic shorts and lifestyle programming. Her award-winning short films E?Anx (The Cave) and Inconvenience earned her widespread critical acclaim at exhibitions such as the Berlin International, Toronto International, and Sundance Film Festivals.

Tammy Dupuis

Sugar’d – Vancouver

Tammy’s business is Sugar’d….the kindest form of hair removal there is! So natural you can eat it. She is in the process of setting up shop in Vancouver and focusing on building relationships and clientele.

Farhanna 786

Counsellor (RCC), Coach, Public Speaker, Brené Brown Facilitator, and Author

Natural born life advice giver to peers. Known as the ‘socials girl’ with a passion of all things in the social space. Past experience within the dating lifestyles industry taught that we live on a lonely planet filled with need for companionship. Dream is to create a happier less lonely world by creating a community for all to participate in activities and meet others in a safe public environment. 786Socialite stands for three things – The number 786 means good omen bringing luck, a socialite has a full social calendar of invites & both combined will help with the dream of a happier planet for all to co-exist on.

Golfo Tsakoumis

Mother, Artist & Humanitarian

 Golfo Tsakumis, is the founder of MAHI (Mothers Assisting Humanitarian Initiatives) Society, a nonprofit philanthropic organization committed to helping mothers who are struggling in my motherland of Greece.

Anne-Mari Morrison

Yoga Instructor, and Author

Anne-Mari Morrison is a mom of four wonderful boys. She has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years. Anne-Mari is a YOGA Instructor, Desire Map Facilitator, Reiki Master and Holistic Health Practitioner. As the Founder of Empowering Within and Damselfly Boutique, Anne-Mari is following her dreams and pursuing her passion. Her love of fashion, and passion for empowering women from the inside-out has brought her dream to fruition. Her dream of having a Yoga Studio, teaching yoga and selling Unique clothing and YOGA Wear, along with accessories has emerged. Anne-Mari’s interest in pursuing a life of fulfillment, a life of new beginnings, a life of empowerment has begun.

Casar Jacobson

Business advisor

Casar Jacobson, is currently focused on 3 main projects. a) Business advisor for a publishing house called Simple Reminders, partnered with social entrepreneur/thought leader Bryant McGill who reaches 50 million readers weekly and growing. b) I passionately work in changing the health and wealth of individuals by way of a nutriceutical company- purely organic, company, with a goal to impact 1 million lives with health & wealth by 2018 with our Nobel Prize winning flagship product. c) Impacting the lives of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing worldwide. Assisting an impact in technology, resources, and financial opportunity for the community.

Lori Lachance

Always On Top Hat Designs

I grew up on a farm in a fairly remote area of Alberta. I didn’t know any artists and never imagined there could be people who made a living with art. As an adult, I moved around a bit and found there were artists everywhere. I dabbled in various media for years and found my passion: portrait and wedding photography. When I realized my eyes wouldn’t be reliable, I found hats. Custom hats. Concept hats. Editorial hats. Fashion hats. I am still learning techniques from my two millinery mentors and am gathering information from all the textilists I come into contact with.

Erin Cebula

Media personality & reporter for ET Canada

Erin Cebula has been a fixture on Canadian TV since landing the coveted role of Community Reporter for BC’s #1 station in 2000. Her compassionate approach to entertainment reporting has graced the likes of Vancouver talk show, Urban Rush, Canucks Pay-Per-View and HGTV Canada’s feel-good hit, Makeover Wish. Erin is currently the West Coast Correspondent for Entertainment Tonight Canada, an active advocate for the BCSPCA, and the proud Spokesperson for BC Children’s Hospital Lottery. Erin is honoured to be a new member of LWL.

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