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Maria started the LWL Network

You Have The Power!

I want you to know that you have the power to create whatever life you dream possible, & that you don’t need to rely on anyone other than yourself to be happy.

When you give others the power to control your happiness you will never be free. Live life on your own terms, in your own way, without having to answer to anyone.

Know what happens when you do this? No one will ever be able to take it away from you. Ever.

I want to teach you to stand on your own 2 feet, to be strong & powerful & fearless & fabulous rolled into one.

I want you to pick up and go whenever you feel like it, go shopping & buy whatever your heart desires, & yes even afford those Manolos.

We Have All Transformed.

You’ve all been through something transformational in your lives, whether it be a divorce, the loss of a career, or long term relationship, basically life as you knew it is over. It’s like the rug has been pulled out from under you and you finally feel yourself hit a cold hard place with often no idea how you got there! Trust me, I know I’ve been there.

I’ve gone from living a fairy tale to being homeless with a 2 year old in tow. I’ve lost everything & built my life up from scratch. From literally nothing, into what it is today. And all on my own. Without anyone’s help. Not easy, but doable. Completely doable. And you can to.

I am your voice when you think life is over. It’s not. It’s just the beginning, trust me. I’m here to tell you not to give up. Not to give up on your life. On your dream. On YOU. Why? Because a whole new life is waiting for you – & it will be better than the one you had before. I promise.

What Is Your Dream?

Do you even know what your dream is? We often lose sight of this or sometimes it’s been so long since we even thought about what we wanted. Give yourself permission to dream. If you don’t, I will.

Not only me, but this entire community I’ve built will encourage you to dream, and to dream big. As big as you possibly can and then a little bit more. Together we will encourage each other to discover what gets you up in the morning?

Stop being stuck in a life of mediocrity. I know you’re capable of more & I want to give you the skills, support & resources through this community to do it.

Maybe you already have a dream, but it’s been stuck inside you for so long, you just don’t know how to make it into a reality.

Join Our Community!

Do you feel like if only you had the right team, or the appropriate resources you could achieve your goals, but just don’t know where to find all of this? Look no further. It’s here. Let us help you, guide you & support you. Allow us to hold your vision when you are too tired to carry on.

Through this community you will live a life you love again & maybe even better than the one you lost.

Together we will encourage you to discover what makes your heart sing.

We will help you to be free & financially independent so you can do the things you’ve always dreamed of.

A community that brings new possibilities to life. We are the Ladies Who Lunch Network, won’t you come have lunch with us darling?

Get To Know Maria

Maria Kritikos is a life-long entrepreneur with a strong penchant for educating, connecting and empowering women.

In just a few short years since launching the Ladies Who Lunch Network, Maria has seen her passion project expand across the globe, with members from Vancouver to New York to Lebanon! A certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, she is also the host of, creator of the Idea to Reality online course, mentor at her popular brainstorming sessions, and most recently, head of the She’s in Biz Academy. All of her initiatives are designed to inspire women to be fearless and fabulous by helping them realize and live out their dreams.

Maria began her career as a high school teacher and went on to start her own international school at the age of 28. She later launched a Teacher Training Centre and became a successful real estate agent on Vancouver’s highly competitive West Side. Life then threw her a curveball. After struggling to overcome a difficult personal setback – and with a young son in tow – Maria came to realize that her true calling lies in connecting and inspiring women to realize that anything is possible for themselves. She believes that surrounding yourself with like-minded and inspirational individuals is the most successful formula for creating and manifesting your dreams.

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